Rashard Lewis Fights with Sam Cassell Prior to Sunday’s Game; Refuses to Play afterwards.

Frank Hanrahan of CSN Washington reports that Rashard Lewis refused to play in the Wizards loss to the Timberwolves on Sunday afternoon after clashing with Assistant Coach Sam Cassell in the pre-game:

The Wizards are off to a franchise worst 0-8 start, and to make matters more troubling a team source tells CSNwashington.com that Wizards’ forward Rashard Lewis got into an argument with Wizards’ assistant coach Sam Cassell before the Minnesota game and Lewis decided he didn’t want to play.

I had Flip Saunders ranked number two in my “Next Coach to Get Fired” Power Rankings at the end of last week but he’s put together the type of weekend that makes it impossible to keep him out of that top spot.  They lost two more games to drop their record to 0-8, but the real misery in Washington isn’t truly appreciated until you get to the many sub-stories that are surrounding the team.

John Wall is playing worse than he ever did during his rookie season. Andray Blatche is being Andray Blatche. They had a ‘players only’ meeting after five games! And now you’ve got Sam Cassell getting in Rashard Lewis’s grill piece before Sunday’s game to the point that he doesn’t even want to take the court. They may as well bring Gilbert Arenas back for the veterans minimum and tell him to bring his handguns with him. It honestly can’t get much worse.

Here’s Flip Saunders personal take on Sunday’s loss to Minnesota:

“Disappointment. Embarrassment. I don’t know if words can explain. My job over the next two days is to try to find five guys who can play the right way and can play with some heart. … It was bad to watch. It was bad to coach. It was bad to play.”

I’m nominating “Bad to Watch. Bad to Coach. Bad to Play” as the official motto of the 2011-12 Washington Wizards.


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